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Mar. 24th, 2007

i'm switching lj's, this one's old but besides that I have no reason


add me if you want, i'm not readding anyone but if you care enough to add me i will accept. all of my entries will be public anyway.


oh yeah, i broke down and made a facebook. i'm a little bit addicted now :/
soooooo stressed
sadly being in a car with my father all day is more stressing than the actual running around trying to get places part


my first class is at 930 tomorrow morning
hello, 630 am, nice to see you again
cannot wait till friday

oh yeah, and the reading of schindlers list so not coming along so well; i've been on chapter 17 for like 2 weeks now. i was hoping to finish it will all these trips back and forth to grand falls but sadly i tend to pass out as soon as my head hits the.. er.. seat.
bye ;]
I really need to stop making entries in my non-active journal. Um so tony's was okay, I had a mediocre time. 4 people had the same shirt on as me but in different colours. /pouts. I have to go to grand falls today. GONNA GET CHINESE FOOD. soo excited for that actually. and i'll buy some mcdonalds for two and barg in to mikes house so we can eat it together tonight while he plays online poker (FOR AN 11 000 dollar grand prize he says. and he's a little bit convinced he'll win lol) and i have a chat with his mom, watch tv, go home. then i'm going to practice piano all night. and all sunday! because i suck.i have to get out of bed in four minutes so i should stop typing this and finish my breakfast.

Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list your ten favorite songs that begin with that letter (and explain why you picked them, if you want)

I got H

how to disappear completely - radiohead
hang ups - t.rex
half the man I used to be - nirvana (cover)
hitler bad, vandals good - the vandals
hello operator - the white stripes
hate to say i told you so - the hives
high and dry - radiohead
hello, I love you - the doors
holland, 1945 - neutral milk hotel
hotel yorba - the white stripes

marble this weekend!

zomg tired

Last night was cool. Mandie's was retarded, all crazy and dumb and evil glare-like. It was weird how we all so obviously were not wanted there but I will had a pretty wicked time. I won't be going to any more parties like that, though. Anyway we left mandie's at like 2:30 or something, me and brandon and mike stayed at brittany's. When we got there Mike decided he wanted to finish off his flask and got super wasted and annoying. I was so tired though.. me and him and brittany slept in her bed and I slept so easily even though mike was pretty much crushing the left side of me. And then this morning we had to be at the winter carnival by 11. So it turned out to be a realllly long day, and it was so blowy and cold and face-hurty and it definitely wasn't fun taking pictures in those conditions :[ bleh. The fries were amazing though, I got another plate just before we left and I wanted to go back for more by the time I got home. And tonight we have to make that slideshow. I have no idea what to do with this laptop and the lcd projector, though, I have to call someone to figure out wthat the fuck. And my laptop definitely needs to be plugged in somewhere during this slide show viewing because the battery has gotten sucky and it will die in like five minutes. So yes, if anyone has suggestions on what the hell we're supposed to do for that feel free to reply to this post. I dunno if it's obvious or not, but that statement was mostly aimed at Jeffrey. :]

wow, detailed post, I think I will go back to short and simple in the future.. especially since I've decided to go public. and considering what a hot commodity my livejournal must be and all..
have a good night loves, bye.


I got up at 5:30 this morning to go to grand falls. My dog had to get her teach cleaned, which they had to put her to sleep for. Now she's all groggy and it's sad :[ But her teeth are quite white and gum-disease free. I didn't get a new shirt, but I got a new strapless bra, some underwear and some socks which I was in desperate need of. I also got a necklace and 3 rings for 70% off at that Bizou store which I'm beginning to love for it's retarded deals. Bleh I wish there was a decent clothing store in Grand Falls though. Anyway I'm really tired right now. I realllly want there to be something happening tomorrow night, I want to get dressed up or something. And with that, I am out.

bare feet.

Well me and brittany (bad grammar) have to do the winter carnival thing this weekend. I'm not really caring, but I'm not looking forward to the rushed slideshow on saturday night at all. I think heather's supposed to be having a party on friday. So that should be fun if it's still in effect by then. We have an enterprise test tomorrow. I may be going to grand falls on thursday. I hope so, I want a break from school badly. For a music lesson and a filling at the dentist, but it's okay. I might get a new shirt. I guess thats it. I feel really comfortable in my bed right now.
I must have caught another strain of the flu, I'm very sick again tonight. And tired.
Spirit day was fun, they aren't like they used to be though, not at all. I think our class won but I didn't stay after lunch to see the actual officialness.
I'm going to stay home and sleep tonight even though I'm not that happy about staying home by myself. I don't like it, it makes me uncomfortable. I may be going to grand falls tomorrow if the weather is okay and mikes tomorrow night if the weather is okay. I want to get chinese food in grand falls which is the main reason I want to go.

I know, I officially don't update anymore. But this is an unofficial post.
I've been thinking of typing up all of my old journals on my laptop, so it'll be like one long journal, starting from age 8 or something. I think it would be a fun thing to do, because they're so funny, and it's just the kinda thing that I'd like to do, OKAY. First, I have to get my laptop back, after midterms I suppose, after I finish with a 90+ average ? (not), but anyway, supposing I do get it back, that's what I'll do. Math 3207 used to be stressing me out, but now it's not. I'm so good at taking tests in every other subject except this one. I don't know why, probably because I'm intimidated after that first quiz. But anyway, I know all I can know, I figure all I have to do is NOT BE STUPID tomorrow, and I'm in. okay? kay. tonight I mixed up a great big bowl of chocolate pudding (instant), then mixed in a bunch of icing sugar, it was so good. But now my teeth feel disgusing. You know, because they .. are. I can't decide if I like my highlights or not. One day I do, the next I don't. They seem to be growing out already though.. I know it cna't really be true.. but my roots look very noticable. anywaaay. I need a grad dress soon, apparently alot of the dresses are going pretty fast in st johns. so like, shit. oh well. Actually, well. I told myself I'm not picky about my dress but I know I totally will be. my english exam today was alright. well, no, it was terrible and long, but I think I did alright, maybe. I have no idea because I've never had connie mark a midterm before. but maybe. For the personal response section it asked us to write about a personal experience which we learned a lesson from, I wrote about the time my mom told me she had a surprise for me on the way home from school when I was like.. 7. I got all excited and started imagining the things it could be, and we got in the house and she gave me this adorable little minnie mouse purse that I said I like a few weeks ago.. I think it was from the sears catalogue, or avon or something. Anyway.. I was kind of disppointed because I genuinely thought it would be something giant, just because the word surprise will do that to a kids mind. I ended up telling mom I didn't like it, or I thought it would be something better, or something stupid like that, and she got upset at me in the quiet disappointed way and I learned a valuable lesson in sensitivity! /done. I've apologized to mom so many times about that day over the years though. I felt so terrible, even though I was 7. what an asshole kid. anyway, that was the best part of the exam because I got to ramble on about myself.

i'm done with the pointless entry making, now.
why the hell am I so tired all the time? I go to bed so early now, and I totally passed out after school. I have to go driving for an hour and a half with insanely talkative corey now, and then give 3 lessons and possibly go to that mun thing tonight? I am so not up to leaving my room, I'd like to sleep some more. I totaly stopped exercising, only random crunches and stuff, nothing cardio. I feel sluggish and lazy. I wish I was into team sports, or like, good at them.


well. I paid attention in each of my classes to day, I actually learned alot more.
And we had a MUN presentation during world geography, it was great, even though it was the same thing we listened to last year.

Kay so I just finished my last lesson.. I have to go eat now, I am starving. love you!